Our Selection

Himalayan Golden Tips (Available for pre-order 10/23)

Grown in Ilam (near Darjeeling), our Himalayan Golden Tips are hand-plucked and almost entirely made up of whole leaf buds. To make the fresh and stiff tea leaves flexible for shaping, the leaves are wilted between 10-14 hours depending upon climactic conditions. After gentle shaping, the leaves are fully oxidized, which turns the leaf buds a golden brown. This tea has creamy cocoa notes that linger long on the palate—especially without milk or sugar.

Shangri-La Black (Available for pre-order 10/23)

Grown in Ilam at an elevation of 4,900 feet, this certified organic black tea has leaves that are green due to a very long withering process that significantly reduces the moisture content and prepares the leaves for shaping. The flavor starts with a vanilla sweetness and finishes with savory notes of bacon.

About Our Nepalese Tea

Grown in the Himalayan foothills, Nepalese tea is extraordinary. However, years of industry underdevelopment, coupled with a decade-long civil war, served to stunt Nepal's economy. Development of tea farming in the country suffered as a result.

Since the signing of a peace accord in 2006, Nepal's tea growers have sought to share their product with more and more drinkers around the world. Our Nepalese tea comes from a small farm in Ilam, a region just 45 miles west of Darjeeling, at an altitude of about 5,000 feet. The region is semi-tropical and very sunny, but has abundant rainfall.