Nam Việt Earl Grey (Vietnam)

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2 oz. (25 cups) or 8 oz. (100 cups)

Nam Việt Earl Grey is our own take on the world famous and always popular Earl Grey tea. The wild black tea and bergamot combination offers an amazing experience where the character of the tea is enhanced by an orange, lemon, grapefruit citrus medley. A perfect refreshing black tea to enjoy in the morning or afternoon.

Nam Việt Earl Grey is based on a tippy wild black mountain tea harvested from altitudes above 1,200 metres in Yên Bái Province in northern Vietnam. The tea is sorted and blended by our team in Ho Chi Minh City over several days and nights with authentic bergamot oil imported from the Reggio di Calabria region of Italy. No artificial flavors are added.

Brewing instructions
Amount: 2 grams of loose tea per cup of water (a pinch)
Temperature: 212 ̊ (A full, rolling boil)
Steep time: 2-3 minutes

About Our Vietnamese Tea

Vietnamese tea trees are some of the oldest in the world. While tea farming in Vietnam has existed for hundreds of years, 20th century conflict badly harmed the industry and prevented it from reaching Western consumers. Only in the last generation has the political climate in Vietnam improved.

Our Vietnamese tea comes from wild trees growing in the pristine, ancient forests of the far northern provinces of Hà Giang and Yên Bái. The tea is grown on mountain sides at an altitude between 4,300 and 5,500 feet. Tended by families on small farms, each tea selection exudes superior character and is ethically and sustainably produced. Our wild Vietnamese teas are organically produced and comply with international standards.

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Curtis & Susan Wright
Great product

Just what I wanted. As usual, Rakkasan Tea provides the best.