Warnagala Wild (Sri Lanka)

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2 oz. (25 cups) or 6 oz. (75 cups)

Warnagala Wild is a wild-grown black tea that comes from a colonial tea estate abandoned more than 130 years ago. Called "Warnagala," the ruins sit at 2,900 feet, in the Adam's Peak mountain range of Sri Lanka's Sabaragamuwa Province.

Founded by Scottish planters during British rule, the estate was abandoned in 1890 after only a decade in operation. The untended bushes became a wild forest, with tea trees now reaching heights of 40 to 50 feet. Fortunately for us, the forest was reclaimed in 2018 by a young Sri Lankan farmer who knew the leaves would still be good.

Warnagala Wild is made with the finest, high-quality, hand-picked tea leaves found in this natural habitat. The leaves have a sweet aroma with earthy notes of pipe tobacco and honey, an altogether unique character infused by the nutrients absorbed from the tap root in deep layers of the unspoiled environment's rich soil. This wild tea is produced in small batches and rolled with great care. 

Brewing instructions
Amount: 2 grams of loose tea per cup of water (a pinch)
Temperature: 212 ̊ (A full, rolling boil)
Steep time: 3 - 5 minutes

About Our Sri Lankan Tea

Formerly called Ceylon, the island of Sri Lanka has produced some of the finest tea in the world for the last 150 years. While the tea industry survived Sri Lanka’s 30-year-long civil war intact, it has also bolstered the entire country’s continued economic recovery since the war's end in 2009.

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Oh my goodness. This makes the perfect afternoon cup of tea for a pick me UP

Delicious tea!

Warnagala wild is my favorite black tea. It has delicate sweetness, that to me, is the perfect tea flavor.