Mandalay Green (Myanmar)

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1.2 oz. (15-20 cups) or 5.0 oz. (60-80 cups)

Plucked and made in a town just north of Mandalay in Myanmar, Mandalay Green is a finely rolled green tea with fresh and floral notes of sweet corn, asparagus and a gentle toastiness. It's lively and packed full of nutritious polyphenols!

Brewing instructions
Amount: 2 grams of loose tea per cup of water (a pinch)
Temperature: 170 ̊ (Small bubbles appear at the bottom of the pot)
Steep time: 2 -3 minutes

About Our Burmese Tea

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is one of the few native tea countries. But nearly 50 years of rule under a military dictatorship, coupled with a long-running civil war and a society closed off from Western contact, meant that Burmese tea was generally unavailable outside the country. Since the dissolution of military rule in 2011, however, Myanmar has opened its doors to foreign investment and we're one of the first American companies to offer its unique tea.

Our Burmese tea comes from a woman-owned family farm in Mogok. It consists of 100 acres of old tea plants and 80 acres of newly planted tea. The estate is capable of producing up to 25 kg of tea per month by hand.

The farm's goals are to produce high quality, organic teas by working alongside nature and to create long-lasting and rewarding careers in tea for local people by providing hands on training. Special care is taken to protect the environment by developing production methods that emphasize sustainability and which prevent destruction of the local environment -- much of which has been damaged by local gem mining. The estate aims to offer alternative work to miners.

Customer Reviews

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Cherl Harrell
My everyday breakfast tea

I enjoy a cup of Mandalay green tea every day for breakfast. It is light, yet flavorful and just delicious!

Jessica Medina
Beautiful Burmese Green

Beautiful Tea…thanks for sourcing and the support given to this farmer's and their communities!