Valle del Cauca Green (Colombia)

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2 oz. (15-25 cups) or 8 oz. (60-100 cups)

Grown high in the Andes and crafted for fruity green tea enthusiasts, this blend includes dried pear guava and soursop. Pear guava is a natural hybrid of guava and pear and enjoyed in Colombia for its citrus flavor and intense red flesh. Soursop is a South American fruit with an aroma similar to that of a pineapple. The blend adds desirable acidity to the base green tea while providing a soft mouth feel and magical guava flavor. Valle del Cauca is named for the Cauca Valley where the fruit is grown — at the base of Colombia's western Andes.

Brewing instructions
Amount: 2 - 4 grams of loose tea per cup of water (a pinch or a teaspoon)
Temperature: 175 ̊ (When small bubbles first appear at the bottom of the pot)
Steep time: 2 - 3 minutes

About Our Colombian Tea

Long known for its coffee, Colombia grappled with consistent armed conflict for more than 50 years — until 2016. Now, Colombia is experimenting with tea.

Our high-grown, hand-picked Colombian teas are cultivated at over 6,000 feet in the mist-capped Andes Mountains. The tea is grown in rich, deep, young volcanic soil that naturally promotes lush plant growth. Its nearness to the equator and consistent climate result in tasty, delicate tea-tips throughout the year. The farm from which we import, outside the town of Bitaco, is the only one of its kind in Colombia. It sits alongside a protected rain forest and the estate works with the Agricola Himalaya Foundation on social development of families in the community. Our Colombian teas are Certified Organic and UTZ Certified for sustainability.