Limited Special Selection: Rare Burmese Black Tea

Limited Special Selection: Rare Burmese Black Tea

Mandalay Black: Our first limited special selection from Myanmar comes from a small, woman-owned estate

Myanmar, or Burma, spent nearly 50 years under tight, secretive military rule, almost completely closed off from the Western world. Much of that time has involved ethnic strife and a long-running civil war. While Myanmar opened the door to elected governance in 2011, parts of the country are still gripped with ethnic conflict.

Despite that, the easing of economic sanctions has provided an opportunity for international trade to flourish for the first time in decades — something we know will accelerate Myanmar’s path to peace. While unique Burmese tea has been grown for thousands of years, it has been generally unavailable outside the country. Until now — and we have a limited quantity of this rare tea in stock.

Mandalay Black
Origin: Mogok, Myanmar
Season: Pre-monsoon

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Meet Phyu Thwe. Phyu is from a small mining town just over 100 miles north of Mandalay. She owns a plot on which her family has lived for generations and she learned to make tea at the UK Tea Academy. Now Phyu runs her own tea production facility, making her operation one of the few woman-owned tea estates in the world.

Finding Burmese tea in the U.S. is rare enough. Finding black tea is even more difficult, since nearly all Burmese tea is green. And finding organically grown Burmese black tea of this quality is even rarer. We call Phyu’s tea Mandalay Black and it’s a true gem. The tea is crafted with a “spider leg” twist and has gold tips throughout. The flavor is naturally sweet and fruity and the liquor brews a beautiful copper gold. It’s a tea that can be re-steeped several times.

Mandalay Black

When you drink Mandalay Black, you’ll know you’re not just getting a rare, tasty tea. Phyu is committed taking care of her employees and the environment. The farm’s goals are to produce high quality, organic teas by working alongside nature and to create long-lasting and rewarding careers for local people by providing hands on training.

Special care is taken to protect the environment by developing production methods that emphasize sustainability and which prevent destruction of the local environment — much of which has been damaged by local gem mining. The estate aims to offer alternative work to miners.

Phyu is a tea artisan and we’re proud to bring you her team's finely crafted leaves — a rare treat from Myanmar.

We have a small amount available for purchase now and plan to start offering this selection (and more) sometime this spring. Order while it lasts!

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