Sampler Packs

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Can't decide? Start with a Rakkasan Tea Sampler Pack! The sampler pack comes with a coupon for 15% off your next purchase. Each packet contains enough to make several cups.

    Flavor Blends Sampler Pack, $25

    The Flavor Blends Sampler Pack comes with six (6) mouthwatering blends of tea with spices, flowers, fruits or beans from Colombia, Nepal and Vietnam!

    High Society Sampler Pack, $39

    The High Society Sampler Pack comes with eight (8) luxurious selections from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos.

    Fieldhand's Sampler Pack, $24

    As a counter to the High Society Sampler Pack, the Fieldhand's Sampler Pack comes with seven (7) everyday selections from Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Colombia.

    Black Tea Sampler Pack, $39.99

    The Black Tea Sampler Pack comes with ten (10) different selections from Rwanda, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Myanmar and Colombia.

    Black Tea Sampler Pack+ (includes blends), $49.99

    The Black Tea Sampler Pack+ includes 14 tea selections: All 10 teas in the Black Tea Sampler Pack + 4 delicious black tea blends!


    Green Tea Sampler Pack, $33.99

    The Green Tea Sampler Pack comes with eight (8) different selections from Rwanda, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Sri Lanka and Colombia.


    Oolong Tea Sampler Pack, $12.99

    The Oolong Tea Sampler Pack comes with three (3) different selections from Nepal and Vietnam.

    White Tea Sampler Pack, $16.99

    The White Tea Sampler Pack comes with three (3) different selections from Colombia, Nepal and Vietnam.


    Herbal Tea Sampler Pack, $18.99

    Want the flavor without caffeine? The Herbal Tea Sampler Pack comes with four (4) naturally caffeine-free selections from Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.


      Indochina Sampler Pack, $39.99

      For the best of Southeast Asia, we offer this sampler pack of ten (10) unique selections grown in Vietnam and Myanmar--the cradle of tea cultivation. 


      Sri Lankan Sampler Pack, $29.99

      This sampler pack offers six (6) fine tea selections from Sri Lanka.


        Himalayan Sampler Pack, $24.99

        Five (5) fine selections from high in the Himalayas of eastern Nepal.


        African Sampler Pack, $18.99

        A mix of Rwandan tea and Ethiopian herbal tisanes, this sampler pack offers the best of Africa’s Rift Valley with four (4) selections.


        Andes Sampler Pack, $32.99

        From high in the Andes, this sampler pack offers eight (8) of Colombia’s finest selections.


        Hidden Gems Sampler Pack, $26.99

        Some of our teas move so quickly our producers can’t keep up. But we also have a few that, while exceptional, haven't quite caught on. We call them our hidden gems. Try these six (6) selections today!


         Iraq and Afghanistan Sampler Pack, $18.99

        Enjoy the same types of teas you were drinking while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan! This sampler pack comes with four (4) excellent teas!


        Cold Brew Sampler Pack, $35

        The Cold Brew Sampler Pack comes with five (5) refreshing teas to cool you off on a hot summer day!


        Tea Seller's Choice Sampler Pack, $29

        This is a personalized sampler pack that comes with six (6) samples. You tell us what you're looking for, we'll find you the perfect teas! At checkout, in the "Special Instructions for Seller" field, just describe for us what you'd like. It can be anything, but here are a few examples:

        • "I'm looking for your most caffeinated teas"
        • "I'd like to find teas that are closest to what I drank in Iraq"
        • "I need wake-up teas in the morning and some with less caffeine for the afternoon"
        • "I like straight black teas, with nothing added"
        • "Send me tea that goes well with milk and sugar"

        Feel free to get as detailed as you like! We'll send you six tea samples we think will hit the spot! Need assistance ordering? Email us at with questions!