Five Amazing Reasons You'll Love Rakkasan Tea

1. Authentic Single Origin Tea 

Unlike most premium tea bought and sold in the U.S., RTC imports solely from carefully selected estates in post-conflict countries as a way to promote peace and economic growth. 

2. The Highest Quality Tea Available

No extra heavy processing that destroys the quality of the tea. We source straight from small farms to our warehouse, and finally to your doorstep. This means you get the authentic aromas and taste of each and every tea. 

3. Dozens of Varieties to Choose From  

We’ve got almost every type of tea you can think of. Don’t see something you’re looking for? Just send us a message at or join the Rakkasan Tea Club on Facebook.  

4. Support Small Farmers in Post-Conflict Countries 

Working in post-conflict countries is how we promote economic development and recovery in places that need both. We call it peace through trade. Every purchase you make helps make that possible. 

5. Veteran-Owned

Co-founders Brandon Friedman and Terrence Kamauf served in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, often taking time to drink tea provided by locals. The experience led to a business idea that would help the economies of war-torn areas. That idea was to launch Rakkasan Tea Company in Dallas, Texas.