Black Tea (Vietnam)

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2.0 oz. (25 cups) or 8 oz. (100 cups)

Originally meant to be Mekong Breakfast, this wild black tea was mistakenly shipped in a container alongside Nam Việt Earl Grey. As neither are shipped in aroma-proof packaging, the Mekong Breakfast absorbed some of the Earl Grey scent. It's still good tea, however, and the taste hasn't been affected much at all. Unfortunately, we still can't sell it as Mekong Breakfast. So as not to waste it, we're offering this would-have-been Mekong Breakfast at half the normal price. Deals like this don't come around often. Stock up while supplies last!

Brewing instructions
Amount: 2 grams of loose tea per cup of water (a pinch)
Temperature: 212 ̊ (A full, rolling boil)
Steep time: 3 minutes