Cacao Amazónico (Ecuador)

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2.5 oz. (25 cups) or 8 oz. (100 cups)

A chocolate lover's delight, Cacao Amazónico is made solely of the husks (the shells) of cacao beans used in making for cocoa and chocolate. The aroma and flavor are chocolatey, but without the sugar of hot chocolate or the caffeine of tea or coffee. How is it caffeine-free, you might ask? Because the caffeine in chocolate comes from the bean itself. The husks, or shells, are naturally caffeine-free. And you steep them just like tea!

These cacao husks come from Ecuador, the global epicenter of chocolate production for thousands of years. 

Brewing instructions
Amount: 1 teaspoon per cup of water
Temperature: 212 ̊ (A full, rolling boil)
Steep time: 6 – 8 minutes

*As with any herbal infusion, always check with your doctor prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing.