Ceylon Silver Tips (Sri Lanka)

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1.5 oz. (15 cups)

Ceylon Silver Tips is made with the finest, high quality, hand picked tea buds from a small garden in the forest on the wild side of the sacred mountain, Adam's Peak. This tea is produced in small batches by hand and sun dried with great care. The liquor is light and the flavor delicate, with sweet notes of sugar cane and ginger. The tea is handcrafted by the maker of Warnagala Wild, a wild-grown black tea.

Brewing instructions
Amount: 2-3 grams per cup of water (a pinch)
Temperature: 175 ̊ (When small bubbles first appear at the bottom of the pot)
Steep time: 5 minutes

About Our Sri Lankan Tea

Formerly called Ceylon, the island of Sri Lanka has produced some of the finest tea in the world for the last 150 years. While the tea industry survived Sri Lanka’s 30-year-long civil war intact, it has also bolstered the entire country’s continued economic recovery since the war's end in 2009.

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