FORLIFE Teapot with Basket Infuser

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Color: Natural Cotton

SMALL ($32)
Volume: 14 oz. / 414 ml.
L 6.375" x W 3.75" x H 5.25"
(L 16.2 cm x W 9.5 cm x H 13.3 cm)

LARGE ($45)
Volume: 32 oz. / 946 ml.
L 7.5" x W 4.75" x H 6.75"
(L 19.1 cm x W 17.1 cm x H 12.1 cm)

Removable extra fine Stainless-Steel Infuser with handle
This extra-fine stainless-steel infuser gives you a perfect even steep every time and enables you to steep fine loose-leaf teas. Handle for easy and safe access to control infusing time.

Silicone Gasket Lid
Secures the lid while in use and when pouring.

Drip-less Spout
Designed for smooth pouring.

BASKET INFUSER : Stainless Steel / Polypropylene
- Dishwasher-safe
- BPA-free
- Heat resistant up to 120°C/240°F
- Condensed extra-fine holes to circulate the tea efficiently
- Handle for easy access to control infusing time

LID : Lead-free High-fired Ceramic / Silicone
- Silicone gasket keeps the lid in place
- Dishwasher-safe, but hand wash recommended
- BPA-free
- Heat resistant up to 120°C/248°F

POT : Lead-free High-fired Ceramic
- Dishwasher-safe, but hand wash recommended
- Microwavable

All the materials used for FORLIFE products are food-safe.

Care Instruction & Warning
- Do not lift the pot by the lid.
- Use caution when handling hot water. Let boiling water cool down a bit before pouring it in pot.
- Do not put pot on heating element.
- Do not use metal scouring pad or hard scrubbing sponge.
- When metal utensils contact the satin finish glaze, tiny metal particles become caught in the microscopic valleys. You may notice some gray marks or scratches on your teapot, this is not a defect.

Do not overfill hot water more than the line indicated above. Put the lid gently. Otherwise hot water may spew out from the spout.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Susan Allen
Best teapot ever! Best tea goes without saying.

I have used more than my share of teapots by now, and this is literally the best teapot I have ever owned. It is the perfect size (14oz) for two cups. The infuser is the best also, with tiny holes that permit good infusion and no tea particles in the pot. It keeps the tea hot until I finish, which is something I have rarely encountered with other pots. The white color is charming sitting on the counter and I have enjoyed using it with my extensive collection of vintage tea cups. Although it is dishwasher safe, I prefer to wash mine by hand. Totally recommend this pot and Rakkasan teas. It was expertly packed and arrived along with my 2 new teas without a scratch.

Jennifer Solomon
Prompt shipping, expertly packaged

I purchased the 14 oz ceramic teapot with infuser, the chai loose tea sampler pack, and the Rakkasan black tea. These are a gift, so I have not been able to sample them. However, I was truly impressed with the careful way these items were packed. And so nicely done, I just simply closed the box right back up and wrapped it in gift wrap for the lucky recipient. Excellent customer service!