Sampler Packs

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Can't decide? Start with a Rakkasan Tea Sampler Pack! The sampler pack comes with a coupon for 15% off your next purchase. Each packet contains enough to make several cups.

Flavor Blends Sampler Pack, $29 ***NEW***

The Flavor Blends Sampler pack comes with seven (7) mouthwatering blends of tea with spices, flowers, fruits or beans from Colombia, Nepal and Vietnam!

High Society Sampler Pack, $39

The High Society Sampler Pack comes with eight (8) luxurious selections from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos.

Fieldhand's Sampler Pack, $24

As a counter to the High Society Sampler Pack, the Fieldhand's Sampler Pack comes with seven (7) everyday selections from Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Colombia.

Black Tea Sampler Pack, $36.99

The Black Tea Sampler Pack comes with ten (10) different selections from Rwanda, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Myanmar and Colombia.


Green Tea Sampler Pack, $29.99

The Green Tea Sampler Pack comes with seven (7) different selections from Rwanda, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Sri Lanka and Colombia.


Oolong Tea Sampler Pack, $12.99

The Oolong Tea Sampler Pack comes with three (3) different selections from Nepal and Vietnam.

White Tea Sampler Pack, $16.99

The White Tea Sampler Pack comes with three (3) different selections from Colombia, Nepal and Vietnam.


Herbal Tea Sampler Pack, $18.99

Want the flavor without caffeine? The Herbal Tea Sampler Pack comes with four (4) naturally caffeine-free selections from Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.


    Indochina Sampler Pack, $36.99

    For the best of Southeast Asia, we offer this sampler pack of ten (10) unique selections grown in Vietnam and Myanmar--the cradle of tea cultivation. 


    Sri Lankan Sampler Pack, $24.99

    This sampler pack offers five (5) fine tea selections from Sri Lanka.


      Himalayan Sampler Pack, $24.99

      Five (5) fine selections from high in the Himalayas of eastern Nepal.


      African Sampler Pack, $18.99

      A mix of Rwandan tea and Ethiopian herbal tisanes, this sampler pack offers the best of Africa’s Rift Valley with four (4) selections.


      Andes Sampler Pack, $32.99

      From high in the Andes, this sampler pack offers eight (8) of Colombia’s finest selections.


      Hidden Gems Sampler Pack, $26.99

      Some of our teas move so quickly our producers can’t keep up. But we also have a few that, while exceptional, haven't quite caught on. We call them our hidden gems. Try these six (6) selections today!